I grew up in a tight-knit family in rural Pennsylvania. At a young age, my older brother convinced me of my many naughty ways, and helped me to start following Jesus Christ as my Savior. 

I had the privilege of attending a small Christian high school. When I was in tenth grade, God made it clear to me that He owned my future. I knew I couldn’t call Him the leader of my life without also giving Him my future plans. 

Wayne and I got to know each other in high school through basketball and choir. We started dating when we were 17. He told me then that his plan was, “To find his wife... and then date her.” It sounded good to me!

After considering a future in the medical field, I was convicted that I should focus on people’s souls... not their bodies! I pursued a Bible/Theology major at Practical Bible College (now Davis College) and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Religious Education with a concentration in Christian Counseling.  In the middle of college, I married my high school sweet heart. 

I worked in a Christian preschool until the birth of our daughter, Querida Hope, in 2003. Since then, I have focused my time and energy within our home raising her. In 2005, my job became “double duty” with the birth of our son, Taylor David. 

I was perfectly at peace with my behind-the-scenes role, but in November 2006, it became clear that God had other plans. My husband was diagnosed with high risk testicular cancer and I was forced into new territory. No longer could I sit back and let him take care of all the big issues. I became the administrator, nurse, secretary, and prayer-organizer. All I can say is, “His strength is perfect when our strength is gone.” 

Our loving Savior gave me the strength to stand by my husband in the course of terrible pain and the fear of the unknown. We were blessed to have thousands of friends who carried us in prayer before God during that tumultuous year. I became the contact point (enabled by our dear friend Donna) sending out e-mails to inform people of the most recent and specific prayer requests. Our prayer warriors were faithful to read and pray... and I BELIEVE WAYNE IS HERE TODAY as a result of those prayers. We have been encouraged to publish those emails. They are now available in book format as Morgan Update: Please Forward.

God has blessed our journey tremendously. Wayne is doing well now, although the road still goes on. Wayne continues to work with teens and speak in churches, youth groups, college groups, and high school assemblies. God has given me the opportunity to speak to several women’s groups... something I never would have imagined before! 

It’s my desire to use the heartache I went through for the glory of God, the encouragement of the Body, and the illumination of the unsaved. His ways are not always our ways, but His ways ARE always best!