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Wayne's Story

My name is Wayne.


Simply put: I’m a husband, father, and a tall, skinny, white-guy who loves Jesus.


But the truth is, none of our stories are simple. Many of our lives are filled with ups and downs, trials, victories and some of us can see where the good is shown in our story. Other times we have to see the good in other's stories to keep hope alive. 


Here is my story.


I thought I was a ninja until about tenth grade but then the reality set in... I didn't know any form of martial arts. The truth is, I was a only tall, skinny, white kid. Sometimes the truth is pretty hard to handle.

Much like any teenager, I spent time trying to figure out my purpose. I wanted my life to have an impact on people. Two of my major life influences were my pastor and youth leaders... they cared. They were real people that cared about even the abnormal people in their lives... much like Jesus. It was for this reason that I decided to spend the rest of my life in ministry.


I went into youth ministry straight out of college. I have always been amazed at the teachings of Jesus. I am amazed at how complicated humanity makes following Jesus. Humanity has created rules and systems that intimidate people who need Jesus. Jesus says: Love God and love others… I just want to tell people about this Jesus.


Cancer is a huge part of my story. November 26, 2006, my life drastically changed. I was diagnosed with stage 3 high-risk testicular cancer. Karen, my wife, sent out email updates for 2 years asking people to pray that God would use our story… regardless of the outcome. The emails told stories of honesty. Stories of chemo, surgeries, our kids, encouraging scriptures that held us up were written to help give hope to those praying for our battle. Sometimes Jesus followers forget how strong God IS… then God answered our prayers! He healed us (because I never battled alone) He healed our spiritual lives – being drained day-by-day; for our emotional security – since we could only found hope in Him; and physically – He healed me.


Our God STILL fixes broken stuff!

We are amazed and excited to see God’s hand at work! Please pray that God would continue fixing the broken. I believe that “GREATER things are still to be done and I’m honored to be a part of God using my story for His glory.


Because of Jesus,


Wayne Morgan, Jr.