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Better Together

Wayne and Karen are high school sweethearts who pursued full-time youth ministry. ​Six years into marriage, Wayne was diagnosed with an advanced case of testicular cancer that was mis-diagnosed months earlier. Only given a 40% chance to survive, Wayne and Karen chose to fight the cancer battle with a prayer team at their side. The result was a year and a half of emails authored primarily by Karen that encouraged hope through the most difficult parts of the journey called, Morgan Update: Please Forward.

The power of prayer, the understanding of community and a passion to help people has fueled Wayne and Karen's lives since cancer. Wayne has gone on to work for the National Network of Youth Ministries and has become a popular camp speaker and advocate for youth ministry both locally and nationally. 

Karen continues to share her love of learning in teaching their kids and through women's ministry events. Karen has written a new book, Hannah, Woman of Worship, available now.

Karen's mini-resume
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Wayne's mini-resume
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