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Karen's second book is now available!

Karen says, "This has been decades in the making, and I am so thankful that God has allowed me the privilege of bringing it to fruition. I need to thank a ton of people who make me look way better than I really am.

First of all, thanks to Pastor Dwight and Holly Mjolund Hodne for proofreading my book for theological content and general appeal to women. I wanted a proofreading TEAM, and I got the best.

Thank you to my Mom, who introduced me to the true account of Hannah and instilled in me a desire to search it out.

Thank you to Lauren Hodne for designing an absolutely STUNNING cover when all I gave her to work with was a stick figure drawn on copy paper.

Thank you to Sara Wise for being willing to let me use your image for the cover of my book. Sara, you are the most gorgeous cover model I have ever seen, and you embody the heart of a woman of worship.

Thank you to Leeann Manzoni for sharing your gift of photography and spending the time to capture the perfect pose of Sara.

My gratitude goes out to my friend Melissa Samson Vosburgh for knowing my flaws and faults as only a college roommate can, but still managing to make me look like a professional in my author photo!

Thank you to Wayne Morgan for suffering through my technological deficiencies, providing unending support, encouragement, formatting help, and listening to me mutter late at night about the nuances of phraseology as I tried to get "just the right words."

Last, but never least, thank you to my prayer team who has surrounded me, supported me, and upheld me. Without Jesus, I can do nothing. To Him be all the glory!!"

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